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Terms of use

Terms and Conditions in brief:
These Terms and Conditions of Use are binding on all users. For the full Terms and Conditions, click here.
  • Images from Stockholm Media Bank may be used free of charge by anyone wishing to use images for the purpose of presenting or promoting Stockholm as a business and tourist destination. This includes marketing intended to increase international travel to Stockholm. Marketing of other commercial products or services is prohibited such as, for example commercial guide books or consumer products.
  • The user of an image must download the image himself from Stockholm Media Bank and accept the Terms and Conditions of Use. This is a condition for the use of the image. An image from Stockholm Media Bank may not be transferred to third parties.
  • If the downloaded image will be used again, it must be downloaded again, since new Terms and Conditions may be applicable to the image.
  • In conjunction with the use of an image, the name of the photographer must be indicated in the following manner: name of photographer/mediabank.visitstockholm.com
  • The person, company or organization which uses an image from Stockholm Media Bank is responsible for compliance with the Terms and Conditions of Use.
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Cruise ship

Photographer: Per-Erik Adamsson
Category: Archipelago  
Style: Autumn